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Bingo Rose was established in 2009 primarily to create useful and entertaining game software at an affordable price. We have remained dedicated to that objective and are proud of our record of producing superior software solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our development curve encourages feedback from people like you who are using these products in everyday situations.


Bingo Rose has developed a variety of types / versions of software to meet the specific needs of different customers. However, effective in January 2024, the product line has been returned to our original BINGO and POKENO products to best serve our valued customers.



NOTE: All Bingo Rose software requires a Windows Operating System and a minimum 1366 X 768 screen resolution. Your computer and any attached projection equipment must be capable of at least this resolution.



Our flagship product is a comprehensive and affordable BINGO software solution that is flexibly designed to meet any organization's Bingo needs.


$149.95 USD



A basic 75 ball Bingo flashboard program created for customers with their own ball delivery system. It offers a main screen maximized to display the largest numbers possible, with ball calling capability.


$59.95 USD



This unique program is the modern way to enjoy Pokeno
or play Bingo with playing cards!

No longer a need to shuffle the deck, call out the next card, nor flip through called cards to validate a winner's game board.


$69.95 USD



                                    Connect your laptop to a big screen TV (or projector capable of                                    1366 X 768 screen resolution) to maximize the value of our software.
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