Bingo Rose is commited to creating professional software and providing unsurpassed excellence in customer service. We proudly offer some testimonials from our happy customers across the globe. 

"I absolutely LOVE the Bingo Rose software [Bingo Hall Plus]. Last Spring when the community I live in wanted to restart a weekly bingo session, but no longer had the big bingo board and ball machine, we purchased this software. We now project from our laptop to the 70” TV in our clubhouse. There is no bulky equipment to store between sessions and the software is so easy to use that we have several people who have stepped up to call. This is a complete package and Bingo Rose provides fantastic support, both before and after the sale."

We are grateful for your continued support in a clear and understandable format. A thousand THANKS !!"

"... I'm beyond amazed by the work that you have put into this program. It includes every feature you could possibly think of. It is clean, professional, functional, and best of all very easy to use."

"Thank you for developing new products and continuously reviewing core products for new feature improvements in response to our needs. Your software has broaden the entertainment capabilities in our community."

"I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know the event went great.

No Bingo emergencies! ;). Thank you so much for your help yesterday. You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it. I don't know many people that will be needing Bingo software anytime soon but I will definitely be sharing the amazing customer service experience."

Thought I'd share a picture [withheld] with you of our group of certificate winners during Turkey Bingo last night here at [Organization Name hidden], Montana. We gave away 30 turkeys, enough for each household participating, along with cookies and drinks. The Bingo Hall Plus program worked great. We "casted" it to our new 70" HDTV display in the Commons area. We liked confirming Bingos with the number printed on the cards. The Bingo caller voice was loud and clear, easy to understand. We played a few specialty games that were built in that kept things mixed up. Fun was had by all. Thanks Bingo Rose, your product is SUPERB.

"Nowadays, it seems so commonplace for people to make promises about their products, that just don't deliver. You and your software definitely go above and beyond anything posted on your website. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service and for considering the needs of your customers. This program is the best investment that I have made in quite a long time."

“Our aging ball blower and flashboard were constantly in need of repair. The cost of equipment to replace it was too much for our membership to accept. Bingo Rose to the rescue! Not only was the software inexpensive, but we also purchased a new laptop computer, a 73" TV, and connection cable for much less than it would have cost to buy used Bingo equipment. Now we use that equipment to host movie nights, computer classes, community Skype phone, and to play various other computer games including Pokeno Plus. Our entertainment horizons expanded due to our decision to purchase Bingo Rose software.”

“The echo effect in our clubhouse has many residents referring to the hall as a torture chamber. After we purchased the Bingo Hall Plus software, we were able to eliminate the noise generated by the ball blower and thereby created a more pleasant and quiet environment to enjoy the game. And our caller doesn’t get a headache or sore throat anymore either!”

“The  Pokeno Plus software was the answer to our prayers! We are no longer handicapped by the unavailability of more than twelve Pokeno cards. The automated card shuffler, card caller, and screen display of called cards are wonderful! And the latest feature that verifies winners is a God send.”

“We bought software from Bingo Rose and it shipped very quickly. As totally pleased as we were with our purchase, we were impressed when they notified us that their development team had designed a newer release of the software with enhanced features. They provided us with the instructions on how to download the updated version for free.”

“Not only is software fromBingo Rose exceptionally well designed, customer service is friendly and prompt as well!”

“Bingo Rose provided the support we needed to make our fundraising event a huge success!”

Our community LOVES your program, and we use it every Tuesday evening for a crowd of about 100 people.

"Thank you again for the impeccable personalized customer service. "

You are so responsive and on the money, we so appreciate it.

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